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Have you very own UK Contract department, upload you contract, have it assessed in line with your contract requirements, get a fixed price for contract work and gain an understanding and into what your contract means.
Why spend excessive amounts on hourly rates, get the information you require quickly and simply, be armed with an understanding of your commercial contracts. Be aware of what you are signing and what type of contracts you are signing up to.

“Spend a little and save a lot”.

The Service

Why pay large sums of money for simple contract support, whether it be a terms and conditions or any type of commercial contract review, knowing what you are signing up is critical.

Avoid the regretful feeling and get the knowledge you require from contract specialists, whether it be support with negotiation or a contract review, gain an understanding of what the clauses mean to you.  This service is created to explain and clarify your contracts.

Why the service exists?

Our clients have tasked us with providing a cost effective clarification and explanation service for contracts and contract clauses.  Our clients have asked us to provide a straight forward service to explain and clarify in simple terms what supplier contracts means, in particular what certain clauses means.  This is also the case where there is a negotiation and our clients require an understanding of what it means to leave out or include clauses requested by their customer.

We’ve been 10 years in the commercial contract space, drafting, reviewing and negotiating our client’s contracts.  This website is based upon our clients further need to cost effective contract support to help them do business faster and with more transparency.

“Get the knowledge you need to be aware of what you are signing up to”

How it works

Open up an account, that allows us to have some privacy with regards exchanging information and allows the document that you upload to be accessed by our contracts team.  Give us a simple explanation of what you require.  We’ll do the rest………….

Bringing You Peace of Mind

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